Madison Scott Fucks Some Old Dude!

Madison Scott with my dad!

Madison Scott in what the Co-Eds these days call a slut skirt!

Madison Scott gets up on all fours!

Madison Scott gets felt up!

Madison Scott gets her Red panties pulled to the side!

Madison Scott gets her tits massaged!

Madison Scott lets him take off her panties!

Madison Scott starts sucking some cock!

Madison Scott sure can deep throat!

Madison Scott gets fucked from behind!

Madison Scott takes a load in her mouth!

Madison Scott fucking my dad! Just kidding, but hey that could be your dad, I mean he has to be someones dad he sure as hell ain’t gay, I just wish when I am that old I can get a piece of ass like Madison Scott! Hell I wish I could get a babe like her now!

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2 thoughts on “Madison Scott Fucks Some Old Dude!”

  1. michael says:

    really… i love you madison, you will be number one my flexsby girl.. i am ready to pay every new film easly…

  2. bozo says:

    Simply put…. “A sympathy fuck”…..

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